My daughter digs this OST and this game.  This is always the track that makes me happiest.  She’s more of a fan of the main theme, but she likes this one too.

Shevat, the place in which you begin to learn the truth about the world.

In a series known for its excellent music, this track stands above them all.  I very much try to avoid driving games, but the music alone pulled me into the Ridge Racer series.  Years later, I’m still tapping my foot to this song and will boot up the PSP game just to hear it.

HOLY SHIT I played this game so much in college.  Like, for hours every day for months and months with roomates and friends.  We played my roomates’ copy, but I eventually imported the Dreamcast version.

CvS2 started my 2D fighting game craze which led to my doing weird things such as importing Japanese copies of King of Fighters 96 and 97 for the Sega Saturn.

When I got to pick the stage, I always chose the streets of London so I could hear this awesome cheesy track.  It’s fantastic and is oh-so-appropriate for a fighting game.  Capcom understands. 

Oh, and FYI:

Rock, Benimaru, Iori - C Groove.

Maybe not the best track from this classic RPG (my favorite on the Dreamcast), but it’s the one that I got the most obsessed with.  I came back to this again and again, especially for 0:44 - 1:28. 

I got Grandia II for Christmas the month after it came out, and it proved to be the best present of that Christmas.


Wild ARMS was a huge game for me.  It came out during a particularly lonely period of my adolescent years and brought me a lot of joy, comfort and lasting memories.  I bonded with what would become a good friend over this game and playing through it was one of the foundational experiences for our friendship.  I remember skipping a school dance to go over to his house and play this and Final Fantasy VI.

WA was the first RPG I ever played that wasn’t on a cartridge, so the music sounded more warm, lush and rich than I had heard in video games previously.  It had a certain quality to it, a certain soul, that allowed the OST to permanently burrow itself in my brain. 

Adlehyde Castle is the track that left the most lasting impression on me.  I heard it the first night my friend and I played the game, and it immediately became my favorite.  I wondered around the castle just to hear the song.  I left the game playing and recorded the music on a cassette tape.  I wanted to listen to it all the time.  I still do. 


yearly dose

yearly dose